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Whether you agree with it or not, taxes are part of our regular life and we earn income we are all subject to paying taxes! However, working with an experienced CPA can make a big difference in the amount of taxes you pay. Let Jerry Avetisyan, CPA, a Certified Public Accountant and Business Consultant plan, prepare and file your business and personal income taxes. He will work with you personally each step of the way to make absolute sure that you pay the lease amount of taxes possible and to stay in compliance with the IRS rules and regulations.

We can prepare and file all of the following types of tax returns:

•Personal tax returns
•Business tax returns
•Corporation tax returns
(S-Corporation tax returns and C-Corporation tax returns)
•Partnership tax returns
•LLC (Limited Liability Company) tax returns
•Nonprofit organization tax returns
•Estate tax returns
•Trust tax Returns
•Unfiled tax returns
•Amended tax returns
•Out of state tax returns

If you moved to California from another state you may be subject to taxes on your personal and business income in your home state as well as in the state of California. Whether you moved from New York or Massachusetts, we will put our dedication and knowledge to work for you to get your out of state taxes done accurately with minimal tax liability possible. We can prepare and file your out of state business and personal taxes for all 50 states.

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Free Tips and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Taxes and Accounting:

Tax Filing Tip
Generally, you must have your taxes prepared every year. Even if you do not have the money to pay your taxes, always have your taxes prepared and filed on time to avoid potential penalties and interest related to unfiled tax returns. In addition, if you owe taxes to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) or the FTB (Franchise Tax Board) you may also be subject to interest and penalties on any unpaid tax liability.
Q: Do I have to file my corporation tax return if my corporation generated no revenue?
Yes. You must always have your corporation taxes filed and prepared regardless if your corporation generated revenue or not to avoid unfiled corporation tax return penalties. Don't forget that the interest and penalties keep running on your unpaid tax liability and unfiled tax returns until you pay and file your taxes, so sooner you file and pay your taxes to the IRS and Franchise Tax Board the better!
Q: What are some of the Federal and California State tax filing deadlines?
For calendar year entities, meaning entities with December 31st year end,
the Federal personal (individual) income tax filing deadline is generally the April 15th
the Federal corporation income tax filing deadline is generally the March 15th
The Federal partnership income tax filing deadline is generally the April 15th

Some state tax filing deadlines may vary from the federal tax filing deadlines. However, most of the states follow the federal tax filing deadlines. For example,
the California personal (individual) income tax filing deadline is generally the April 15th
the California corporation income tax filing deadline is generally the March 15th
the California partnership income tax filing deadline is generally the April 15th
Q: What information should I provide my tax preparer to prepare my income taxes

Provide your tax preparer, tax accountant, tax CPA your:
›W-2 forms
›K-1 forms from Partnerships and S Corporations
›1099 forms from self employment, 1099 interest income
›1098 mortgage interest forms
›real estate taxes paid on your personal real estate, rental real estate, business real estate ›college and other tuition (education expenses) paid as well as any student loan interest paid
›charitable contributions made to nonprofit organizations
›business expenses-your business expenses should be organized by category. For example, supplies, equipment, rent, licenses, amounts paid to independent contractors, gifts , etc.
›vehicle expenses-If you used your vehicle for business, provide your total business miles, total commuting miles and all other miles driven during the year. In addition, provide amount paid for tolls, insurance, parking fees, auto lease payments, auto maintenance such as oil changes, tires, repairs, etc.

Q: How long is the income tax extension for Corporations, Partnerships and Individual tax returns?

With the proper application, you may be eligible for a six month extension. This means that you may file your Personal taxes and Partnership taxes by October 15th and Corporation taxes by September 15th.

Q: Does a tax extension also extend the due date for paying taxes?
No. Generally, any taxes due will need to be paid ontime. April 15th for Individual tax returns and Partnership tax returns and March 15th for Corporation tax returns.
Q: What is an income tax refund based on?
Income tax refund is based on various factors, but as a general rule, you can expect an income tax refund if your tax liability calculated by your tax accountant is less than the sum of your tax payments and tax credits for the year.
Q: How much does your tax preparation fees cost?
Since every tax preparation requires different amount of work and time, there is not one standard price set for tax preparation fees. However, our personal tax return preparation fees start at $45 and business tax preparation fees start at $60.
Q: What are some relevant tax information links

For questions regarding federal taxes and IRS related questions you may visit
For questions regarding California taxes and Franchise Tax Board Questions you may visit
For questions regarding sales taxes and Board of Equalization you may visit
For questions regarding corporations and Secretary of State you may visit

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